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Raspberry Pi 101 (LCD Control)


23bshop HackerSpace
418 E Commonwealth Ave 92832 Fullerton United States
Ever been jealous of all the cool electronics hackers at Null Space that can make electricity do their bidding, a lot of the time just to make lights blink? I was too, until I learned that these days its pretty easy to be a noob and still get electronics to make lights blink. During this session I will impart this knowledge on you as well.

In this session we will be assembling an LCD kit from Adafruit and using Python on a Raspberry Pi to control the display. This one is a bit more in depth than the usual classes. We will be covering soldering basics, electronics basics, computing basics, and programming. You will need to come to this session with a Raspi and Adafruit LCD kit in hand, or you can just show up and watch if interested.

Will post more details in the coming days

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